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Drop In Centre

Up to 100 hot, nutritious lunches are served every weekday at Souls Harbour Rescue Mission. Our Drop In Centre has become a place of community. Our guests include men and women facing hunger, homelessness, poverty, abuse and addiction. We serve local families, as well as seniors from neighbouring affordable housing blocks. We offer free food, clothing, toiletries and household items.  
An afternoon at Drop In means free local calls, the daily papers, magazines, a Christian lending library, as well as computers and free income tax returns (offered also in Spanish). There is always a friendly face and someone to talk to. We provide a safe place to take those first steps to health and healing. All are welcome.



Holiday Dinners

4 times a year, we serve up to 400 men, women, and families from our community a 3-course meal. $3.11 is the average cost of serving a meal at a soup kitchen in Canada. Food donations reduce our costs during times like Christmas. An extra turkey bought at Thanksgiving goes a long way to feeding people who are hungry in the Halifax region.  
It’s not just meals that make a difference. It’s people. One of these events can take 100 volunteers to pull together. If you are looking to volunteer in Halifax, Nova Scotia, contact us to inquire about our next event!




Good News Chapel

No matter what your religious beliefs or affiliations, it’s been studied and said that those who are linked to a church community have much greater success at staying sober, conquering addiction including alcoholism and drug abuse, and becoming good neighbours. Good News Chapel is a street level “chapel-church” that reaches out to the community with the Good News. Rev Ken Porter leads our chapel along with a core group of families.

We are a place to meet and feel comfortable, no matter your style of worship or place in your spiritual journey. From the very poor, to the very rich, no matter your social status or nationality, all are welcome. Join us every Wednesday from 7:00 - 8:00 pm, and bring a snack to share afterwards at our ‘snack-luck.’